Sustainability Report 2013

Beauty Care

Shaping Futures

Leadership in sustainability and innovation

As part of our sustainability strategy, we want to create more value for our customers and consumers, and for our company, while reducing our environmental footprint at the same time. The Beauty Care business unit has linked this goal strategically to its innovative strength. The sustainability profile of each new product therefore shows an improvement in at least one of our six focal areas and at least one stage of the value chain.

We collaborate closely with our partners on this, because only by working together can we fully exploit our innovative potential. We systematically promote sustainability, all the way from the raw materials producers who help us with their sustainable technologies, to our retail partners who provide an important platform for conveying information to our consumers. Our high rate of innovation ensures that even small advances will help us significantly in achieving our sustainability targets.

“Combining sustainability and innovative solutions strengthens our innovation leadership.”


Hans Van Bylen
Executive Vice President
Beauty Care

Continuously increasing the quality of life

Achieving a better quality of life and wellbeing for as many people as possible is a universal social and political goal. In addition to hygiene for the skin, hair, and teeth cosmetic products also contribute greatly to the emotional aspects of quality of life. For example, cosmetic products foster a well-groomed appearance or emphasize a person’s individual style. Our cosmetics and toiletries, which are valued and used daily by millions of people worldwide, make an important contribution in this respect.

We link the quality of life factor to environmental goals for sustainable and innovative products. By improving production processes we reduce energy use, and our waste and wastewater footprint. Optimizing formulations also helps to reduce resource consumption. Since 2011, we have reduced the CO2 footprint of our raw materials by an average of 4 percent per year relative to total sales. By using readily biodegradable raw materials we also reduce wastewater pollution.

Color Ultimate by Schwarzkopf

Introduced in 2013, Color Ultimate is a premium colorant with an innovative dual-chamber system. This means the color and developer components no longer have to be opened separately and mixed together. Color Ultimate delivers a ready-to-use foam colorant at the push of a button that is easy to dose thanks to an innovative application method. Multi-use application for a series of root coloring treatments reduces the environmental footprint of the product by up to 15 percent compared to conventional colorants. In addition, as less raw materials and packaging are required per application, the product demonstrates an optimal sustainability profile while delivering outstanding coloring results.

Color Ultimate received the “FEA Special Jury Award” for its innovative performance at the International Aerosol Congress in September 2013. Another product, our Syoss dry shampoo, won the “Environmental Achievements & Sustainability Award.”

Partnering for greater sustainability

Our sustainability partnership with our customer Rewe Richrath allowed consumers of all ages to learn about resource conservation while shopping. Children could also spend an afternoon in Henkel’s Forscherwelt (Researchers' World) in Düsseldorf.

Diadermine Lift+ Skin Perfection facial oil

The new Diadermine facial oil has a formulation that requires no additional heat during the manufacturing process, making it highly resource-efficient compared to emulsion formulations. The formula contains no water and therefore requires no preservatives. The productfs compact size also means that the oil has a smaller CO2 footprint from packaging materials and transport. Only a few drops are needed to smooth and provide intensive care for the skin, leaving no oily residue behind. The product was also recognized by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) for especially good skin tolerance.

Advice for consumers and hairdressers

Comprehensive advice for consumers goes hand in hand with product safety. An advice hotline has therefore been set up in every country in which our products are sold, so that consumers can be provided competently and quickly with reliable information about product properties or ingredients. In Europe alone, this results in about 180,000 consumer contacts each year. Most queries are about the effects our products achieve and how to use them. Product-related feedback is documented in our quality assurance system and channeled into our ongoing product development processes. The introduction of a global consumer service software in 2012 standardized processes worldwide and ensured that all consumer queries are answered quickly. Processing and documentation are likewise performed in accordance with uniform high standards – again worldwide.

We also support our customers in the hairdressing business with training courses and information. Through the international Schwarzkopf Academy (ASK), we offer an advanced vocational training program that assists our hairdressers in a variety of ways, such as the proper use of our products and their own personal career development.

Resource-efficient consumer behavior

Consumers have a decisive influence on resource consumption and the related carbon footprint of our products. This is indicated by life cycle analyses, empirical data, and the assessments of external experts. This is especially true of products that are rinsed off or washed away after use, mainly because of the energy required to heat the water.

We use the creative potential of new media to motivate our consumers to sustainable consumption. For example, one of the competitions on the eYeka internet platform collects new inspirational ideas for resource-efficient use of our products. The winning contribution reaches a large number of our consumers through our digital brand communication channels and social networks, thereby helping to reduce the environmental footprint of these products in the use phase as well.

With Henkel Beauty Care’s interactive resource calculator, consumers can find out online how their behavior can affect water consumption, the environmental footprint, and the cost of showering, bathing, drying their hair, brushing their teeth, and washing their hands. The resource calculator is also available for smartphones.

Brand engagement

One of the goals of our sustainability strategy is to promote social progress. The Beauty Care business unit also works toward this goal in its brand engagement.

Schwarzkopf Professional and the charitable organization SOS Children’s Villages started the “Shaping Futures” initiative in India and Peru in November 2010. The goal of the initiative is to provide training in basic hairdressing techniques to young people from SOS Children’s Villages. Since that time, 160 hairdressers and employees of Schwarzkopf Professional have volunteered their time to train more than 500 young people in twelve countries. Jobs or internships were arranged for half of the students. Alternatively they continued their training. In 2013, courses took place for the first time in Tunisia, South Africa, Slovenia, and Russia. Schwarzkopf Professional would like to expand the initiative to help even more young people improve their future lives.

Energy efficiency and climate protection are key objectives in our sustainability strategy. The German association “Wähl dein Klima e.V.” has established an online voting platform to promote climate protection projects proposed by non-profit organizations and public institutions. The Beauty Care business unit has been a supporter of “Wähl dein Klima e.V.” since the initiative started in 2012. The initiative allows society and business to work together to realize selected projects.

Henkel Beauty Care has also been a supporting partner of the international “look good feel better” program since 2006. Together with the German non-profit organization “DKMS LIFE,” female cancer patients are offered free cosmetics workshops to strengthen their self-esteem and will to live during their treatment. During the fifth year, the business unit provided support for the “DKMS LIFE Charity Ladies’ Lunch,” whose proceeds went to support the activities of the organization.

Henkel Sustainability#Master® – Gliss Kur Daily Oil Elixir (compared with predecessor product)

The Henkel Sustainability#Master® shows the sustainability profile of Gliss Kur Daily Oil Elixir. The concentrated oil formula requires significantly fewer raw materials per application than a conventional repair product while still providing high care performance. Unlike emulsion formulations, no additional heat is required during the manufacturing process, which means that less energy is used. Since the product is not rinsed out, consumers also benefit in the application stage by saving water and energy for hair drying. The product’s compact size and low weight result in less packaging waste and a smaller transport footprint.